Glazed Up

by PHillMEEH

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A tribute to J Dilla. This rendition of "Last Donut of the Night" was played by live musicians in my cozy home studio.


released February 26, 2013

Chorus Vocals - RJ Nordlund
Violin - Laura Crosswait
Guitar - Dylan Crouse
Drums - DuhJuanYay
Bass/Raps - Phillmeeh

Engineered, Produced, & Mastered by: Spit/Spat

Photograph by: Alicia Rios



all rights reserved


PHillMEEH Muskegon, Michigan

Artist, Producer, Engineer, Video Producer/Editor, OG, UP THE FRUITPORT PUNKS OI!

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Track Name: Glazed Up
Dilla Dilla, if you knew how they'd imitate
and never look to innovate, but always wanna demonstrate
what would you say, would it be the same
Turn it up big puff out the trucks, let the speakers bang
i don't know, i'm kinda drowning in the flow
overflooded built an arc like noah, let's go
i'm flying through the sea, and every move is me
built for a future, suiture it up to a T
rides are never free, but if they are i spot it, got it?
industry fools fakin business like a bottle rocket
not enough boom to even make it down the block
they mine as well kick rocks or watch the clock, tick tock
that's time better spent, these rhymes could benefit
99 percent, chaunces chompin on the bit
mastery rhythm mapped out mathematically in him
and if you're rapidly livin youll get caught drastically slippin
But here i stand with a hand
(and give to you)
understandin what i can as i plan
(oohh baby baby)
Unless you step to own it, better bite that bottom lip
this ones for the donuts, underground, too legit
so get off our click, get off our shit,
been off our lips now get off our tip
im tire of the game, (shame) im tired of the fame (lames)
im tired of these fakes trying to make a fucking name
for nothing and i aint hating im crushin
its a brand new era, yet that same old production
snapback furious, straight chase delirious
aint faked, it's serious, and still a mysterious
flow, yeah i know, but you gotta phillmeeh though
there's a reason for the these lyrics and why i write em so
passionate, never passin it, im past havin it
suckers get so abstinent, they cum when they grabbin it
but barely even brushed it, leavin so incrusted
man i'm so disgusted how people tend to fuck shit
understandin what i can as i plan
(and give to you)
thats the plan to learn until i understand
(oohh baby baby)
You spitting wackness, of course I'm not
i build it from the core its hot
then pours fire breathin
watch it burn the spot, each i with a perfect dot
preferred to drop but hurts to stop
never ever gonna, clever setter, better call it swish
3 point line I'm off the dish
with the, flick of a wrist no flick of a bic
he's on fire, burnin the spit
Like NBA to the Jam, the pen to my hand
and if you don't understand, you better check the game plan
that same bland repititious spitttin aint vicious it isn't
so i flip it with a different rhythm and vision to twist it
Limes, these lines define future travel
get us through the grind so, we aint even gotta battle
damnit, damned in it, damn building a fit
caught me framing the hit, while im spittin and shit
thats the plan to learn until i understand
(and give to you)
Giving what I can build the plan with my hands
(oohh baby baby)
But here i stand with a hand, understand
understandin what i can as i plan
thats the plan to learn until i understand
Giving what I can build the plan with my hands